The brief

Build a solid brand for affordable outdoor essentials and equipment


The challenge

The word URBERG refers to the mountains formed during the world’s oldest development period. It’s the foundation of life as we know it. A brand for those who truly love the outdoors, as well as those who only identify as outdoor people by their wardrobe. We needed a strategy and creative platform that could embrace both.


The solution

By creating a unified brand platform – ‘Always a Solid Ground’ – that established rules for our on- and offline presence, we enabled ourselves to communicate clearly and consistently to all our customers. Together with Tareq Taylor & Hans Fahlin, our brand ambassadors, we created engaging and visually striking stories about their special bond with nature – putting Urberg at the centre. We increased both return on investment and brand metrics, and developed a recipe for creating effective and engaging content for Urberg and the mother brand – Outnorth.

+9 million



Reach in the target group.


video views.


increased brand awareness.


Increased digital ROAS.


sales ever recorded in the campaign period.