The brief

Build a nationwide awareness campaign to create a more dementia-friendly Denmark


The challenge

Improvements to general health have given Danes a longer lifespan but also increased the number of people living with dementia. This has made the disease the fifth most frequent cause of death in Denmark. Human contact is vital for living a better life with dementia, but taboos and lack of knowledge surrounding the disease keep people from engaging. This creates a downward spiral of isolation and stigma for people living with the disease.


The solution

Dancing is a way for people to get closer to each other and it also has a positive effect on the brain, body and mood of people living with dementia. That’s why we created ‘Give dementia a twist’ - a movement with the purpose of twisting people’s perception of dementia. And literally to do the twist. ‘The twist challenge’ was fuelled through social ambassadors, encouraging the Danes to share their twisting with others. As the movement spread, we launched a campaign-site with information about demystifying dementia, tutorials and helpful tools for everyone to engage with.

Campaign elements:

Cross-media coverage

Nursing homes kits

Two big dance events

1 million

people reached on Facebook.

+2 million

YouTube impressions.


campaign site sessions.

2 million

people reached through OOH.

4 million

display banner impressions.

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